Re-purpose & Recycling Programme

Sustainability Initiative 

We here at Dzihic have a commitment to sustainability, that is why we aim to use only natural and sustainable materials avoiding plastics where possible. However we appreciate that we could do better and should do better. And that is why we launched our our R&R programme. 


R&R Programme Over:

Our R&R programme stands for "Re-purpose & Recycle". Where our own garments have been purchases, worn and are no longer wanted, we will gladly take them back. Any garments returned under the R&R programme will either be re-purposed within our collection once again . Or will shredded and recycled to be used in a new set of clothing materials. 

Postage for this scheme is free with Dzihic covering the costs for UK items and half the cost for international items. 


Re-purpose Overview:

Clothes which are returned under the R&R programme and are in good condition will be re-purposes and offered on the Dzihic website at a heavily discounted amount. All clothes are washed, steamed and iron before being packaged and placed on the site for re-sale. Due to the purpose of the re-purpose side of the scheme, we heavily discount these products due to them no being "new". 

We aim to ensure that our garments get the most out of themselves, so if they have to change ownership over the years they are used then so be in. 


Recycle Overview: 

Clothes which don't make the cut to be re-purposed will instead be recycled. Clothes which are returned and are either to worn out, ripped or just not fir for re-purposing will be shredded and broken down into their fibers. These fibers will then be re-used to make new garments to ensure that we minimise the need to use "new" material. 

Where the fibers won't be used directly for new garments, they will be recycled and used for other purposes, whether within Dzihic or Not.