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Associates Programme

We here at Dzihic believe in partnerships, partnerships that we help us grow and help you grow. As part of the belief we have our Dzihic Associates programme. 

Our associates programme is a way for individuals or companies to offer Dzihic clothing and get rewarded. You will be offered the opportunity to offer Dzihic's own clothing while adhering to our policy of sustainability and ethics. Our associates enter under a contract with Dzihic where they will be provided their own unique "micro-site" which people can browser. Any items sold through this micro-site will be handled and dispatched by Dzihic and you will be kept up to date with the order. 

For every item sold, you will receive 10-15% of the total order value.

Our associated programme is designed to spread the Dzihic brand and bring sustainable fashion to more people than we can otherwise reach. As an associate of Dzihic you will have flexibility of which clothes you would like to offer. 

As an associate you will also be expected to adhere to a Code of Conduct which if breached can lead to the termination of the association. 

If you would like to be an associate of Dzihic. Then please contact us at and we will be in touch!