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Sports & Gym Wear for Men

Gym Wear for Men

Welcome to Dzihic, we’re a leading specialist sports brand focusing on sustainable clothing and gym wear for men. 

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Gym Wear for Men

Welcome to Dzihic, we’re a leading specialist sports brand focusing on sustainable clothing and gym wear for men. 

Dzihic is more than just a clothing brand, we believe strongly in healthy living, being the best you can be and just getting the most out of life. We don’t just believe in just being like other gym brands or sports brands. Instead we focus on three key unique points that make us different.

  1. Being the best you can be. Regardless if you squat 40KG or 20kg, as long as you’re pushing yourself to be the best and work as hard as you can, that’s all we ask. Have you ever went for a run or a swim or went to the gym and just absolutely killed it to the point you couldn’t wait for the next time you went? We have and that’s why one of our key tenants is being the best you can be. Our range of gym wear for mean helps to aid you in this.
  2. Sustainable and ethical sports wear. Listen, regardless of how good sports makes you feel we all have the uncomfortable truth of the world as a whole being in a dire place. Global warming is affecting our planet and as a company started by millennials, we are keenly aware of this issue. We don’t want to get all gloom and doom on this but know that a key tenant for us as a company is sustainability. We believe that our gym wear for men needs to be sustainable and ethical because honestly, explain to us why it shouldn’t be? We can give you at least five reasons it should.
  3. Feeling good and being healthy. We ain’t here to body shame anyone, Dzihic is an inclusive company that wants the best for everyone. From our affordable gym wear for men ranges to our general weight lifting clothes, we are a caring gym brand. This being said, if you’re feel horrible and lack energy because you’re stuck in your 9-5 and not getting your daily hit of dopamine then you got to change. At Dzihic we believe in feeling good and being healthy because if you’re both of those things, life is just better. This is after all why we have our gym wear for men ranges. 

Cheap Gym Clothes for Men & Weight Lifting Clothes

Many gym brands focus on the atheistic of weight lifting. Does my chest look big in this, are my arms looking swol and so on. Don’t get us wrong, we hear at Dzihic understand the need for this and hey. If you’re waking up at 05:00AM every morning and hitting that gym hard and putting your blood, sweat and tears into every rep and set. Then yeah, you need to see results.

But when you put looking good above everything else then you got to step back. For us lifting weights, going for a swim or dashing down to the skate park to ride with your mates, this is all a means to an end. The end being feeling good and being healthy. If you aren’t working towards this and instead you’re just looking at ways to boost your ego and you’re dressing as such then, fine. But for us, exercise is more than that.

Our clothing ranges, from our weight lifting clothes to our general sports wear attire is designed, built and manufactured with one thing in mind. Helping you perform and the peak of your ability while also ensuring we stay a sustainable and ethical sports wear brand and still able to offer afforded gym wear for men.

Alternative Sports

Listen, we know we have been speaking about the gym a lot and that isn’t just our intention. We as a company have a love for our “alternative sports” and we use this term loosely. But Dzihic has a history of working with BMX’ers and American Footballs and we have plans to keep building out. So although we offer weight lifting clothes, our ethical sports wear goes beyond just the gym. We are just a gym brand but instead we are a sports wear brand.

Dzihic’s core tenants are designed for sports persons, whether that being for someone running a 99 route down the field, to those pulling ollies in the skatepark. For us sports is sports and we want to be the ethical sports wear brand to be associated with it. We actively work with local teams offering them sponsorships and providing as much support as possible to ensure that everyone know’s Dzihic is there.   

So although we can offer affordable gym wear for men, we also offer affordable sports wear for men as a whole.

What Makes Us, Us

We’ve spelled out what makes us unique and what our three key pillars as a business is. But what makes us, well us? Truth be told Dzihic was set up by Mevludin Dzihic, an overweight guy who worked 9-5 and although didn’t hate his job, he didn’t like it either.

Mev knew he wanted to build something and thought maybe a gym brand would be it. Having had some success focusing on just affordable gym wear for men, Mev had a revolution. He fucking hated what he had built. He made it with the sole aim of money and ultimately he didn’t want that. He wanted a job he’d love which had morals and a goal behind it. So he took his love of different sports, blended it with the feeling of feeling amazing after a workout and added in some “saving the planet” through sustainability and he developed Dzihic.

We’re still a small brand and we know we have a tough road ahead of us. But we’re genuine, we’re real and we want everyone who chooses to be the same and feel good while doing it to join us on our journey.

So from us to you, welcome to Dzihic man!

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