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Sustainable Men's Gym Joggers

Dzihic's Sustainable Men's Gym Joggers

"Durable", "thick", "warm", "flexible", "stretchy" and "covers the lower back". These are just some of the words used to describe our joggers. Our men's gy... Read more

Dzihic's Sustainable Men's Gym Joggers

"Durable", "thick", "warm", "flexible", "stretchy" and "covers the lower back". These are just some of the words used to describe our joggers. Our men's gym joggers were designed with three things in mind:
1) To not roll up or down when you're working out.
2) To be built sustainably so we can all let our minds rest and not be racked by guilt.
3) To last through some heavy and hard gym sessions without repping, tearing or anything in-between.

At Dzihic we're constantly looking at ways to improve our ranges and quality of clothing. Our dedicated team try out each design before putting them out onto our site for sale. Each design goes through a rigorous designing process where we choose the materials used carefully along with the sizing guides. Our highly trained team of designers work closely with our "gym team" to create designs which are visually stunning but also not to flashy, because after all. you are at the gym.

The end result is a tough, long lasting pair of men's gym joggers which hug your around the body parts your want showing off while giving you space in those places you need a little bit of breathing room.


Men’s Organic Cotton Joggers

A key aspect of our gym joggers is that they all predominately use organic cotton. What do we mean by this? Unlike other weight lifting brands and gym brands, we don't just use the word "sustainable" for the sake of fads or coming across as sustainable without actually being it. All of our male joggers are either 100% organic cotton joggers or where they ain't. They use recycled materials like polyester. The result is that our men's organic cotton joggers are extremely sustainable and good for the planet while also ensuring they're durable and built for purpose.

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. There are many here at Dzihic that understand the struggle that comes with being overly big or small and finding the right clothes for the gym. They'll either roll up or slip down and that's why our men's organic cotton joggers are designed for these at the fringe of the body spectrum to wear and feel comfortable at the gym. We believe health and fitness comes in all shapes and sizes and isn't just a set of abs and a "V" line lower stomach. So to ensure we can help as many guys get healthy, our men's gym joggers are built to fit and made sustainably through organic cotton.

This is what makes Dzihic unique and different, and granted we're bias, we love it.

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