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Sustainable Men's Gym Clothing

Sustainable Men's Clothing

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Sustainable Men's Clothing

Dzihic' sustainable men's clothing is one of the few ethical gym wear and menswear brands out in the market. Our selection of clothing ranges from t-shirts, hoodies, joggers, socks and more. Our collection of ranges is constantly increasing and what makes our sustainable men's clothing range unique is that all of it is made sustainably, with sustainably sourced materials and sustainable materials.

Unlike others, our gym brand has the aim of developing clothes that everyone feels comfortable wearing. Men are notorious for not shopping much and wearing the first thing that they can get their hands on. But the end result of this, especially in the gym, is back roll-up, wedges, tight clothing restricting moving and so much more which seems like a small inconvenience (and it is) but it is still so annoying.

That's why all our sustainable men's clothing is designed, built and crated with the aim of comfort during those heavy guy session that we all go through.


Environmentally Friendly Clothing

Our environmentally friendly clothing is a key cornerstone of our business. Dzihic was built on two principles.

The first principle is health and sweat. That feeling you get from going to the gym, working out as hard as you can, sweat dripping from your face and then ask you still there in the changing room you just feel good. It's the hormone induced feeling of bliss we want everyone to feel because it's one of the few things you can get addicted to and it not be a bad thing. This leads nicely onto health and the idea that health has many different meaning but at it's core is that feeling of self confidence and working hard. This is important to Dzihic because at the end of the day. Our environmentally friendly clothing wouldn't be around without hard work.

The second principle is sustainability. A a team comprised mostly of millennials we have a duty and an ingrained need to ensure we're looking after this planet. There are many people talking how it is already too late and we need to look further afield that Earth, but for us here at Dzihic. We still believe that there is hope and if we all do our part we can come a long way in our fight to make sure this planet is around a lot, lot longer than us. That's why all of our environmentally friendly clothing uses sustainable materials and avoid plastic based materials. That is also why we focus on where possible using recycled materials where natural and sustainable materials aren't possible and it is also why we work with sustainably sourced materials because a little love for everyone along with our planet goes a long way.

Our sustainable men's clothing is one of a kind and our entire environmentally friendly clothing ranges is what makes us unique and the ideal gym brand.

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