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Why we love powerlifting!

Posted by Mevludin Dzihic on
Why we love powerlifting!

Hello my loving readers, welcome back to another one of our fantastic (we'd like to think so) articles. This week we're looking at something dear to our hearts and it's why we love powerlifting. Will we throw in why gym wear and more specifically affordable gym wear is important to powerlifting? Yes most likely, even more so if it is quality, cheap gym wear. But we're also looking beyond that and focusing on key aspects as to why me, Mev Dzihic, owner and proprietor of Dzihic loves powerlifting. But before we get into this, lets state that powerlifting isn't for everyone and in no way is it better than any other type of lifting 'group' like bodying building. It has always been one of the few things I was good at, so i stuck with it.

Now we have gotten that out the way, let's focus on the first reason I love powerlifting.

Self Pride:

OK let's go all in on the first reason and that is the pride i feel when sweating my ass off having just squatted 110KG for 5x5 or benched 70KG (that's a lot for me) for 5x5. Let me paint you a picture, I walk into the gym early in the morning around 06:00AM. I;m standing there in my gym wear comprising of my Dzihic hoodie and Dzihic joggers having just stepped off the treadmill. Prior to that i had done some warm up stretched and now I make my way to either the squat rack of the deadlifting mat. i decide that i'm going to either do squats, deadlifting or clean and jerks and once decided I start. After doing a couple of warm up sets with my stylist affordable gym wear. I begin to load the bar, we start with 10 kg at a time up to about 100KG where we begin to load it by the 5's. i get to the weight where i can just finish 5 reps and that's the weight i stick with. I proceed to do 5 sets of 5 reps, or 5x5 and as i struggle through each one, maintaining good form I start to sweat. A lot. By the end of it my whole body is aching and when I rack the weight one final time I feel light on my feet as if I could just take off. Before realising i'm a 140KG man so my arse ain't flying no where by itself. But after i've wiped the sweat off of myself and the endorphins have kicked in. i get this boost in my self belief and pride where anything feels possible. Because unlike some things in life, powerlifting is truly a sport where if you keep with it and continually train and stay committed to it. Then there is genuinely nothing stopping you from always progressing, and this feel of making it to the end of each set and hitting higher and higher weights is a proud moment for me. This of course leads nicely to my next point.

Strong is strong:

"You're strong for a 18 year old", "you're strong for a women", "Not bad for a skinny guy". In power lifting, one thing everyone knows is that strong is strong. Yes some people will be able to lift heavier than you, but screw it. If you're a 70KG heavy guy squatting 50KG and putting everything you have into it. Then that is strong. if you're a single mom who doesn't have time for the gym 3 times a week but sneaks in when you do have an hour or two and you're constantly smashing it. Then that is strong. In power lifting, as long as you're shifting heavy ass weight, ideally in some amazing cheap gym wear that is high in quality, then that is strong. Now don't get me wrong, you probably won't win any strongman competitions or be able to shift the heaviest weights in the gym if you're not putting in some serious training and lifting super heavy weights. But that doesn't matter. As long as you're lifting weights that are heavy to you, that aren't gonna break anything (like your back) and you're doing it in good form. Then that's strong, and anyone who says it isn't probably doesn't have a clue. Honestly. This again leads to the next reason why i love powerlifting, and this doesn't include just making the gym wear you've got on fit better.

Hitting PBs and seeing progress:

Now i've already stated that unlike some things in the world. How much you can lift is only predetermined by your willingness to work hard. Unlike some jobs where you can work 12 hour days and get no where because you aren't in the "it" group or you don't want to play corporate politics. Powerlifting is all about graft and your mental fortitude. Picture this, you wake up at 05:30 to get to the gym at 06:00. You've laid out your affordable gym wear the night before. You drive to the gym and as you get in begin your warm-up. After you're warm-up that get into your routine. You repeat this 3 times a week, constantly laying out your gym wear, maybe even throwing some good quality cheap gym wear in there to. You repeat this process over a month, then two, then three and so. You change your diet so you minimise sugar but maintain enough calories to maintain muscle mass and only after a couple of weeks do you start seeing the progress. You smash your squat and reach triple figures, your deadlift goes through the roof and you're easily shifting 200+KG, your bench is bigger and stronger than ever (still hopefully less than your squat) and you start seeing your body get bigger. But not bigger fatter, but more muscle mass, your arms are more shapely, your legs had that horse like definition that so many want and more importantly. You can pick up more shopping bags easily and open jars without breaking a sweat. Your progress has shot up and this to me is a great feeling and why I love powerlifting. This also leads me to the final reason I love powerlifting.

Overall health benefits:

Strength, bone density, slowing the effects of ageing, looking amazing in your affordable gym wear. These are just some of the benefits of powerlifting. Unlike some training that is design only for atheistic and have little health benefits. Powerlifting actually has real world applications and health benefits. Can you break your back and injure yourself terribly if you don't lifting with proper form. Yes, of course. But you can do that with any lifting. The benefits of powerlifting far outweigh the negatives, especially if the negatives can be mitigated by proper form. Plus when powerlifting, no matter who you are. You'll just look great in that Dzihic gym wear which you're hopefully wearing.

So that's it. That's why i love powerlifting. Feel like telling us what you like about lifting? Whether that be power lifting, body building or general training. Then let us know. Message us on FB, Insta, TikTok or where ever. We love hearing from you guys. 

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