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Why is sustainable clothing important?

Posted by DML Development Collaborator on
sustainable clothing


So, I have been asked, why is sustainable clothing important? And to my disbelief I could not believe it. Had this person not seen our site and clothes? Apparently not. Nevertheless, this conversation prompted me to put finger to keyboard and explain why this is important. We start with who or what is Dzihic, for those that are not aware. 

Dzihic, is a sustainable and affordable ethical clothing UK company. I.E we are a company that specialises in selling sustainably made clothing and ethical clothing to our customer and potential customers. The company came about after the founder, decided that he wanted to make an impact on the world. He felt passionately about the environment and his fear of heights meant he was never likely to jump planet should that have ever been an option. After careful consideration he decided he wanted to go into e-commerce and focus on building a brand. Putting his love of the environment and his passion of building a brand together, jumping to building an eco-friendly clothing company seemed like a no brainer. 

Sustainability in fashion became a calling card for Dzihic thereafter and we have been going strong ever since. But now, back to the question of why sustainable clothing is important. The main reason, if not evident by the second paragraph is because of the effect the fashion industry has on the world. Fast fashion, as is termed the normal fashion industry, is the third worst polluter. That’s right, you read that correctly. After the oil and gas industry, and then the agriculture industry sits fashion [The Eco Experts]. How can this be possible though? Fashion today relies on cheaply sourced and produced and sold on mass. The result is factories spewing out chemicals and microplastics which are harmful to our world. This is one reason why affordable ethical clothing UK is important and why sustainability in fashion needs to take hold. 

Next, we look at the general treatment of workers in the sustainable fashion world compared to those in the fast fashion world. Generally speaking, ethically made clothing is considered an important thing in the world. You hear gruesome stories of adults working all day long for less than $2 a day and worse yet you hear about children working the same amount for even less. So ethical clothing has become a big concern around the world. What most people don’t realise is that those companies that create and manufacture eco-friendly clothing tend to have better ethical standards than those that don’t. This is because creating eco-friendly clothing cannot be manufactured without taking into account your environment impact. Which feeds into ethical treatment of employees. This is the second reason why sustainability in the fashion industry needs to become the “norm” rather than just a fringe exercise. 

We now come onto the third reason why sustainable clothing is important and that is, it saves money. That’s right, you might find that somewhat hard to believe especially when so many sustainable clothing brands aren’t cheap. But when you find those affordable sustainable clothing UK brands, you quickly realise that the clothes on offer are not those you wear once and throw away. Instead, the material and garment is made so that it lasts. Why? BECAUSE IT IS SUSTAINABLE! It is designed to last; it is designed to hold. The effect being that yes, you might have to buy a few t-shorts, jeans or whatever. But they are going to last you for some time. The idea being that you don’t have to purchase clothes less often, therefore saving you money. Granted a lot of sustainable clothing companies and brands do have a higher premium than most. But when you find the right brand. It shouldn’t cost you anymore than any other brand. 

So, let me wrap this post up. Sustainability in fashion is important. Not just for Dzihic but generally. The main three reasons being that sustainable clothing brands have less of an effect on the environment compared to fast fashion brands. The second reason being that sustainable clothing brands go hand in hand with ethically made clothing. And finally, the savings that some sustainable clothing companies can offer the customer if they find the right brand. With all this in mind, why not shop with a sustainable and affordable ethical clothing UK company? Seems like a no brainer right…

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