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Why I personally like 100% cotton t-shirts

Posted by DML Development Collaborator on
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Are 100% Cotton T-Shirts actually good...?

So why is cotton so good for clothing? I'm sure you probably have some cotton socks, maybe some cotton t-shirts, but you probably brought them because you liked their design or because you thought 'why not', right? Well cotton does have some pretty awesome qualities which makes it my go to material when buying or making clothes. Let's run down through some of them now.

Breathability: For those of you who, like myself, find yourself hot and sweaty even on a mild day. You look for clothes that either hide the ever shameful sweat. Or clothes which help minimise it. Now, failing to wear black and white everyday, the latter option is what I tend to go for. Cotton due to its fiber structure allows air to pass through it a lot easier than say nylon, polyester and other materials. It's because of this property that heat your generating can easily makes it way away from the underside of your t-shirt and pass into the wider environment and the nice cool air can pass through and cool you down. Essential helping with air circulation.  Pretty ideal, right?

Allergic Reactions: Now, not all people suffer from this and you yourself might suffer only a small amount. But sometimes those 'spots' on your back or shoulders aren't you breaking out. It's an allergic reaction caused by either the material of your clothing. Or the sweat being trapped and rubbed into you. Both nasty thoughts. The good thing about cotton is that because it is natural and breathable. Both of these issues are sorted. Now, this isn't to say you won't have an allergic reaction. So is you have an allergy to cotton, for god sake don't wear a 100% cotton t-shirt. But generally speaking because of the fact it is a natural fiber grown through the cotton plant and not made with chemicals in plants. Cotton tends not to react so badly wit peoples skin. This therefore doesn't cause any rash's on peoples backs and shoulders. Fantastic, am I right?

Softness: You can get polyester t-shirts that are silky smooth and your can get a mix-blend t-shirt that is as soft as those clouds in your dreams. But for real softness, I think cotton takes the cake. To me cotton is soft and light weight and is just easily put on so you can go about your day. You don't have to think about it to much, it doesn't add any sort of burden to your day like some clothes and just lets you get on with it. Perfect for me. 

Sustainability: This one is close to my heart and is one of the reasons I started You can read more about that in my blog titled " - The sustainable brand". But without ruining the read for you, I will say this. Most none natural growing materials, like polyester and nylon, can take years to decompose once they have been thrown away. And to me this didn't sit well. I first noticed this when I was crossing the channel sea from France to the UK. It was late August 2020 and the coronavirus was in full swing. As we were docking into port on our way home from our holiday, I noticed in the sea those blue disposable face masks. Lot of them just floating, and it hit me. How long would they start there, what fish what eat it and die. And this got me thinking about the wider fashion industry and the sheer amount of clothes we throw away. How long would they stay around for before they actually decompose. This is why I started and why I went for 100% cotton t-shirts, and in the future, even more. 

So now that you have some idea of why I like cotton, check out our men's range and women's range as our collection comprises almost all cotton garments exactly for the reasons above and because it helps our environment and can be harvested sustainably. 

Thanks for reading!

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