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What kind of clothes do people wear in the UK?

Posted by DML Development Collaborator on
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Now to begin with I’m sure you’re wondering why on earth has Dzihic gone with such a weird blog title. And the answer is twofold. 1) SEO and 2) to help me frame the topic in the brand in such a way, I can add more keywords in. Clever right? Well maybe not, but nevertheless the title will help me set the scene in this blog where we look at what people actually wear in the UK. And for those wondering why the UK? Well that’s simple, I live in the UK.

So let’s start with setting the scene. The UK is a tempered climate where you could realistically wear shorts in the winter and a coat in the summer. It wouldn’t be ideal but you wouldn’t freeze to death or get heat stroke. Because of this, there is no defined “English look”. Some might picture it as a three piece suit and a top hat and cane. But in reality, no one wears that. Such a pity truth to told. But on the flip side to this. Because of our climate and very diverse culture. We have a mix of clothing that allows our men’s organic clothing UK range and sustainable women’s clothes flourish.

So with the above in mind, let’s review some of the clothing trends we are seeing in today’s UK society. And we’ll start with male skinny jeans. Although our men’s organic clothing UK range doesn’t currently offer jeans, we are in the process of designing and developing our own range. I mention this because jeans are of course a staple of any man or woman’s wardrobe. But over the last decade we have seen male skinny jeans become the norm. Prior to 2010, loose, boot cut jeans were seen as the normal and if anyone wanted a pair of skinny jeans they were required to go to the women’s section of a clothing store and purchase them. Now of course women’s clothes are built for men so the only men wearing these types if jeans were very skinny men. But somehow the jeans weaseled their way into our collective societal hearts and now you will see men who go to the gym regularly wearing them to show off their overly defined quads.

Another interesting development in male clothing is the wearing of boat shoes. Personally I hate the damn things. But more and more men are wearing it and it is usually worn in formal attire. Unfortunately I’m of the opinion that unless you’re stepping on a boat destined to sink in a horrific accident when everyone survives but in some strange phenomenon they all lose their shoes. Then no one should wear them ghastly things. So will we adding them to our men’s organic clothing UK range? Maybe, who knows? Far too early to say at this point.

But let’s turn the page and look at the other side and focus on what trends have emerged in women’s clothing. And it’s rather interesting but we’re seeing a big return for dresses. Now, I’m not saying dressed completely disappeared. But for a while there was a preference for jeans, skirts or the like. Floral dresses that ran from shoulder to knee or lower was a dying breed and although we cannot say for sure what turned the tide. It was nice to see dresses make a comeback. Some much so, we are seeing sustainable clothing companies offer dresses in their sustainable women’s clothes range. And Dzihic isn’t far from following suit.

What else are we seeing develop in women’s fashion in the UK however? Leggings! Some might think of spanx but were talking about leggings in general. And yes they have been around for some time but their popularity isn’t shrinking and we don’t foresee it shrinking anytime soon either. Leggings are becoming the go to item for women whether they’re going to the gym, the local shop, for a walk or lazing around the house. Spanks are fabulous things, versatile, stretchy and offer a comfort level beyond what other clothes could offer. We believe in the power of leggings so much, we are designing our own paid which will be part of our women’s sustainable clothes offering.

So these are just some of the things men and women’s wear in the UK. The UK is a country with 61 million people in it and is one of the most diverse countries in the world. So to possibly draw concrete conclusions of what people are and aren’t wearing would be next to impossible. But what we can say is that the above are trends we are seeing develop and continue over time. Maybe in 10 years the above will be nowhere in sight. And then maybe in 20 years they will be back. Fashion is fickle that way.

What we can say for sure however, and we can conclude they won’t be joining our men’s organic clothing UK range and our women’s sustainable clothes range is masks. Reusable mask are wonderful but one time use disposable masks truly are nuisance on our planet. And although we wish for this Covid-19 pandemic to be over sooner rather than later. And we mourn all the death of those unfortunately taken from us by this virus. We believe that there are enough companies out their offering protective masks and we ourselves cannot add to the underlying, yet to be seen, issue they will cause to our planet.

Nevertheless, until next time. Thank you all for reading and from the whole Dzihic team. Please buy sustainably and stay safe!

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