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What Are Sustainable Fabrics & Sustainable Fashion?

Posted by DML Development Collaborator on
sustainable fashion

What is sustainable fashion? Some might believe that it is the same as slow fashion, the change in people’s habits from mass consumerism to a slower, more holistic approach to fashion and purchasing. Arguably sustainable fashion, or an aspect of it at least.

To me and Dzihic sustainable fashion is about the materials that are used within fashion and clothing. The concept of buying 10 t-shirts of which you will wear 3 doesn’t matter as much as what happens to them when they are thrown away. For us, the idea that when you throw away a jumper or t-shirt or a pair of jeans that they can then be in landfill from 20 to 200 years is unimaginable. So what is the solution to this, buy one t-shirt and a pair of jeans until they rip and become unuseable? No, to us here at Dzihic it was a no-brainer. Sustainable fabrics.

Sustainable Fabrics & Sustainable Fashion Materials...

Sustainable fabrics, or sustain fashion materials, is a rather simple thing. Build clothes out of materials that can 1) biodegrade at a quick enough spend that producing them on-mass won’t cause a problem 2) that require less than 5% plastic to be added to it in a garment 3) can be harvested from a natural growing base product.

So now that we have what our definition of a sustainable fabric is, what fabrics are out there that fill this criteria and even more importantly. What can be used as a sustain fashion material? Well this question isn’t a difficult one to answer and your only have to look at our men’s and women’s collection to find out the answer. But let’s dig in deep here.

Organic or Recycled Cotton:

Cotton is one of the most widely used, fabrics in clothing. It is light weight, natural, breathable and easily useable as a fabric. And because it is a naturally growing substance, it only takes months to decompose once thrown away.


Marijuana’s sober cousin, hemp has been used for thousands of years. It requires little maintenance, little water, can be grown all around the world and actually is good for the grown in grows in for it naturally fertilised the soil.


Flexing the flaxseed, linen like hemp has been around for centuries. But with the added benefit of making you bedding as soft and smooth as a cloud.


This should be a given should you have ever found useless out on a cold day wishing you had a warm jumper. Wool being the natural fur that grows on sheep, wool is a perfect sustainable fashion material. Sheep all around the world need to have their coats cut. Rather than waste it, you can use it as a natural biodegradable material.

There are other sustainable fabrics out there but due to potential ‘moral’ argues we haven’t strictly highlighted them But we will mention them in passing as their use is still an option and if sourced correctly are invaluable in the fashion industry. These materials are; bamboo and leather.

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