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Ways To Be A Little More Sustainable

Posted by DML Development Collaborator on
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As a sustainable clothing brand, you can imagine we take sustainability pretty seriously. And with us all being locked up for a year and a half thanks to corona. We have noticed that people have taken up hobbies they otherwise wouldn’t have done. One hobby we have noticed to be quite distinct is plant ‘hoarding’. People are buying plants and, sort of taking care of them which is great to see. Because the more green our lives can be, the better for the world right. So we here at Dzihic thought we would take a this chance, as we slowly ease out of lockdown, to reflect and see how we can all be a little more green and sustainable in our lives. And hint, one of the options will be an obvious one. But let’s crack one with the first way to be sustainable.

  • Avoid Plastics

Across the world people are becoming more and more aware of what the affects of plastic are on our world. Through long decomposition times and the emergence of micro-plastics. Plastic has been a boon to our world allowing us to make more things that previously would have been possible. But along with the benefits, the negatives of plastic are affecting our world.

Researchers and environmental experts now believe there is no corner of the Earth plastic has reached. So much so, that sea life is either eating the stuff or getting caught in it and dying. Plastic is a very big problem for this world and if we can all avoid using it, whether that be reusing the same bottle or mug or just avoiding buying excess things that it comes with. We can all do our part.

One way to reduce plastic in fashion is sticking with garments like sustainable t-shirts. Any organic materials used in fashion also helps, so be on the lookout for affordable organic clothing because the more of this you wear, the less polyester is used.

  • Organic Products

Speaking of organic products like affordable organic clothing. If we all within society avoided processed food and highly manufactured products and focused more of organic food, items and clothes. Then this to will help your sustainability. Why? Simple, we here at Dzihic have cotton shirts for women right, this is because cotton as an organic material takes for less longer to decompose than other none-organic materials. For example the classic example is that polyester can take up to 200 years to decompose. Whereas cotton, can take up to 5 years. And this is true for a basket made out of wicker compared to plastic.

The more organic we can be, the more sustainable your life. But we realise organic things can cost more. However there are many brands that focus on organic and affordable sustainable clothing uk, or organic household items or organic food. The point being, that organic doesn’t have to be as expensive as it once was.

  • Sustainable Clothing

We said one would be obvious. Sustainable t-shirts, sustainable jeans, cotton shirts for women and cotton shirts for men. Know what these all have in common? They’re all sustainable and will help you to be?

But buying clothes which are sustainably made, and in the case of Dzihic that means using organic materials, use reduce the amount of plastic that is used. Yes this does feed back into the first point however which affordable sustainable clothing UK, you also require less chemicals than plastic based materials. Therefore the affect of sustainable clothes on the environment as a whole is a lot less.

Through these two benefits. Why wouldn’t you want to buy sustainable?

So these are just a few ways you can be more sustainable and have an active role in the fight against climate change. There is of course more you can do than just the above such as reducing overall waste, use less water and recycle more. But at this, who doesn’t know that right?

So we here at Dzihic hope the above helps in your sustainable lifestyle and as always. We thank you all for doing your bit!


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