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The Benefits of Sustainable Activewear

Posted by DML Development Collaborator on
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Recently in the office, a lot of colleagues have been trying to get fit which is fantastic for them. Everybody should look after their health and god knows that without a constant injection of exercise. My energy levels just plummet. But recently a lot of our staff have been wearing Dzihic clothes during their workout, which is fabulous, and they have mentioned a few things they like about Dzihic clothes compared to other well known brands out there. So we thought we would share of the great things we have been told about the best affordable sustainable clothing uK brand out there, Dzihic.


So to begin with, everything we’re able to say (write) is not unique to any one of our ranges. We have heard the below being said both our our men’s sustainable clothing range and our women’s range.


That good warm feeling inside:


To begin with, we start with the obvious. Many have pointed out that although it doesn’t won’t help them get that last rep in or be able to run further. The fact that they know they’re wearing our men’s organic clothing UK clothes or the women’s organic clothing makes them feel that little bit happier in the knowledge that they’re doing their bit. Dzihic is a movement as much as anything else. A movement to make the fashion industry move environmentally friendly. Dzihic wants to make eco-friendly clothing be the norm in the UK and beyond. So by working out in our men’s sustainable clothing or women’s sustainable clothing. You know that you’re working out in clothes that have been designed and produced in a way to make them as environmentally friendly as possible. Without compromising your workout, or run or whatever. And that for some makes then feel good inside.


Heavy Duty Comfort:


So this one was mentioned by those more inclined to lift weights but we have had a few cardio fanatics mention this. And this that our affordable sustainable clothing is rather heavy duty, in a good way, and they find this aids them in their workout. So let’s clarify what was meant by this. Our men’s organic clothing and women’s ranges aren’t built cheaply and in fact we pride ourselves on their quality. To this end, we source materials from countries which meet our set of internal standards. The end result of this is eco-friendly clothing which is durable and long lasting. Because of these qualities, when working out in Dzihic clothes, you can feel the clothes adding extra support and just feeling good on you. I know our founder Men Dzihic loves working out in Dzihic wear because of this quality. As he puts in “when I’ve just finished a set and feel like s**t. The hoodie adds almost extra weight and it makes me feel good and energised. It’s difficult to explain but it isn’t like other active wear. You can feel it on you and sort of reminds you of just how much you’re lifting and to get in another set, if you can”


No Clinginess:


Another great aspect of our affordable sustainable clothing is that unlike other clothes which might be made of polyester or just some material that doesn’t breath well. Our clothes don’t stick. So you might wonder what this means, but for those not accustomed to being nasty and sweaty. There are some clothes that once wet just cling to you, usually around the thigh or bicep. This is very annoying because it can restrict you range of movement or just get frustrating. Either way, it ain’t good. But because our eco-friendly clothing uses natural materials, they can breath more easily and allow for sweaty to evaporate easier. This causes our women’s and men’s sustainable clothing to be less clingy and just allow for an easier, less frustrating workout.


Range of Movement:


Speaking of a less frustrating workout, since our clothes avoid clinginess more so than others. They also allow for a wide range of movement. We already touched on this on the above, but some have mentioned this so we thought we would mention it as well. And that is because our women’s and men’s organic clothing doesn’t stick as much as other clothing. It doesn’t restrict your movement. And this is important if you’re running, squatting, riding a bike or whatever. To get the most from your body you need to let it do it’s own thing and not push to perform movements that are restricting it. So there’s a free health tip for you wonderful readers.


With that we close this chapter on the benefits of sustainable activewear and how an affordable sustainable clothing brand like Dzihic can aid your workout. These were just some of the key benefits we have been told about but by no means the whole list. So feel free to let us know if we have missed any that you really appreciate when working out or doing anything while wearing Dzihic.

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