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Sustainable gym wear. Is this the next big thing?

Posted by DML Development Collaborator on
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So recently the team at Dzihic have been thinking about our business and how we focus on sustainable clothing. Our sustainable clothes are broken down into two ranges, our male sustainable clothes, and our sustainable women’s clothes. Both are great but since we, at the time of write, are still a start-up. Our ranges are lacking the variety you would expect within a clothing brand. Now to get us wrong, we strongly believe that our eco-friendly t-shirt, hoodie and joggers are the best out there. Truly we do. But, if you’re not looking for those garments at the time of hitting our website, then you’re unlikely to get them.

So after thinking long and hard about it, we thought about who would want to buy the above. And like any good business, we looked at our direct competitors and our indirect competitors and then we looked at the brands we looked up to as a business. Specifically, the likes of Nike, Gym Shark and Under Armour. And we came to the realisation that those who are “active” need t-shirts, hoodies and joggers. But did they need eco-friendly t-shirts, hoodies and joggers?

This then got us into a discussion around the sustainability of sportswear and how sustainable clothing isn’t a thing with it. Rarely do you hear about “sustainable gym wear” or “sustainable active wear” and there seems to be a good reason for this. Most of the clothes within the industry are made with plastic based materials. Primarily latex or polyester.

For those that aren’t aware, plastic based materials like the above can take up to 200 years to bio-degrade. And since most, if not all, rubbish will find it’s way to the ocean. These plastic based materials will be battered and bruised by the waves so much they become micro plastics. Affecting the wildlife and our planet. Compare this to natural materials, or sustainable materials as we here at Dzihic call it and the biodegrading time span if significantly lower. Anywhere from 5-20 years depending on the natural material.

So then the team began to think why is it sustainable gym wear isn’t offered? Is it a thing? And more specifically, is it the next being thing in sustainable clothing? These are questions we don’t know the answer to unfortunately, but we believe it is a growing market. But why do we think this?

To begin with, sustainable fashion is a growing industry. People are waking up to the fact that the fashion industry is the third most pollutant industry around the globe. Keep in mind that the only other industries more “dirty” than fashion are Oil & Gas and the Automotive industry and that should give you an idea of just how bad the environmental footprint of the industry is. And people are waking up to this and slowly but surely. Consumers are looking for sustainable clothes and sustainable clothing brands like Dzihic.

The second reason we believe this will grow is because the active wear and health industry is a growing industry. Every year the like of Nike, Adidas, Under Armour and Gym Shark turn a profit with their gym clothing divisions. Not to mention the vast profits gyms and health supplements make. And why? Because people as a whole are becoming more health conscious and want to look good when they exercise. Whether that be for vanity reasons or comfort reasons. But as the industry grows, so to does the possibility of carving out a niche. A sustainable gym wear niche.

The final reason sustainable clothing in health and fitness scene is going to be big is not due to growth or data. But because we hear at Dzihic want it to be and will make it so. The founder of Dzihic has always had a weight problem (but don’t tell him that) and as part of this he has always liked going to the gym and trying to rid himself of it. And a dream of his was to run a fashion brand that would not only encourage a healthy lifestyle (both physically and mentally) but one that would promote a better, more sustainable world.

So with this all in mind, is sustainable gym wear the next big thing? We couldn’t tell you. But with our on-going march towards sustainability in fashion through our sustainable clothes, sustainable clothing brand and eco-friendly t-shirts, hoodies and joggers. We will also carve out a path in the health and fitness sphere. Incorporating our name into it and becoming the go to sustainable gym wear brand.

Thanks for reading!

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