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Sustainability in Fashion

Posted by DML Development Collaborator on
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It has been a busy couple of weeks, so much so we haven’t been able to bring you guys your regular dose of affordable organic clothing content. And we know how much you guys have missed it. But the past few weeks have been very exciting with us focusing on new sponsorships and driving our commitment to give back to the community, change the fashion industry for the better and just become known as a great sporting brand.


But enough about the eco-friendly t-shirts, hoodies and joggers we’re providing to some of the great teams and individuals we have sponsored. Let’s focus on an important topic, and that is sustainability in fashion.


So why are we looking at this topic, surely we have done enough on this topic? No! You can never have enough sustainable fashion and affordable organic clothing news right? Of course you are. But we come back to this topic for a reason. Recently we’ve been seeing large clothing retailers turn to sustainable clothing as the way forward. We’re seeing more and more retailers expand their sustainable women’s clothes and organic women’s clothing, along with their male ranges, because there is a sense that people are wising up to the fact that fashion as an industry is horrendously polluting.


Some retailers have gone even further by offering secondhand clothes and the ability for people to return their products similar to our R&R programme. So what does this mean for the fashion industry. Will t-shirts now become eco-friendly t-shirts? Will all women’s ranges now become sustainable women’s clothes or organic women’s clothing, along with their male counterpart ranges? And what of the idea of affordable organic clothing. Will this be the new norm?


Hopefully that would be fantastic. But realistically it won’t become the norm. Without naming names, we see across the industry that those brands that can pump out clothes that fit the “trend” without any care for the environment are constantly growing in sales and profits. And although brands like Dzihic are growing, slowly but surely. We cannot match these fast fashion brands. But, does that mean there is no hope?


Well for those of the faint of heart. Here is another turn of events, there is hope. Affordable organic clothing, is BECOMING the new normal. Slowly.


We here at Dzihic believe that 2020’s will see tremendous growth in the sustainable clothing industry. People will become more environmentally conscious and brands will have to adapt. And we will see more sustainable women’s clothes appear along with sustainable men’s clothes. Organic clothing as a whole will become the norm, and you know what?


Dzihic will be leading the way as we aim to become the number one, sustainable clothing brand.


So, sustainability is becoming the new norm in fashion and quite rightly it is. Because if we don’t treat our world right. Simply put, it won’t be around for long. We don’t have the luxury of another 100 years. We have the hard task of undoing 200 years of damage. Other industries are stepping up, so it’s time for the fashion industry to do the same.

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