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Sports, Clothes & their Intrinsic Connection

Posted by DML Development Collaborator on
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Guess what, it’s been a while since we have put finger to keyboard and wrote one of our ‘world famous’ articles. We’re assuming the world stops are the Dzihic office door, obviously. Nevertheless, this week we have been speaking to customers and friends and family of all those that work at Dzihic and we same to a surprising realisation. That being most people don’t care about the clothes they wear at the gym. Truth be told they shouldn’t, but quite literally billions have been poured into active wear over the past decades in making clothing that works best in the gym or while just being active.


In this article we’re actually going to go over so of the key benefits to active wear over normal wear and specifically why one sustainable clothing brand is breaking into the active wear market.


With this in mind, let’s jump in.




OK yes that t-shirt you have on is perfect for going out in, relaxing at home and just generally feeling comfortable. But is it actually ideal for going on a run, going to the gym or lifting weights? Truthfully, probably not.


Why? Because normal clothing is designed for when you’re relaxing or doing minimal activity. So once you start doing something, the clothing might roll up, start to stick to you while sweating or worse could tear depending on what you’re doing. However our men’s sustainable clothing range and general sustainable clothing is design to be durable and comfortable when doing something strenuous. This is true for most active wear brands.


When you’re at the gym or working out outside. Our affordable sustainable clothing active wear ranges hug your body avoiding nasty roll up exposing your back to the chilly wind while also compressing your legs and body providing you optimal performance. Ensuring you are comfortable throughout the entire workout.




Another benefit to active wear, especially affordable ethical clothing active wear, designed to put your body and conscious at ease is the flexibility it offers compared to regular clothes.


How often have you wore jeans and went to pick something up to only realise that it isn’t as easy as you though. The jeans are too tight, don’t offer the flexibility you need in the hips and knees and generally make this whole simple thing into a big breath ordeal. Well this is the same for shorts, t-shirts, hoodies, etc if they are designed for flexibility.


Active wear, including our men’s sustainable clothing range is designed in such a way that it offers full flexibility. Whether that be in the hips, shoulders, knees or back. Sustainable clothing active wear, like ours, is designed so that you don’t constrain your body and you allow it to access it’s full range of motion.


When it comes to working out, you need clothes which are flexible. Because the last thing you want is something ripping in the middle of the gym…


Breathability & Sweat


Now we have already hinted at this point already above. But when normal lounge wear becomes wet from sweat. It becomes sticky and starts to stick to you. If you’re lifting weights this can contain your range of motion and if you’re out jogging this can give you a serious case of nipple burn.


But have you ever noticed how active wear has little sweat holes or is generally a lot lighter in weight than normal wear? This is to avoid the sweat process for as long as possible but to also allow your body to cool itself by allowing the naturally passing of air through your clothes to your skins. Thus allowing it to cool down.


Cool right? Pun intended. That’s why active wear, especially affordable sustainable clothing active wear is perfect for sports or generally just being active.   


Injury Avoidance


Finally, we’re going to end this article on an important note. That being that affordable ethical clothing active wear can prevent injuries which normal clothes cannot. Now we will caveat this that no clothes can fix bad technique and pushing your body beyond what it is physically capable of.


But what our men’s sustainable clothing range and general sustainable clothing ranges can do is avoid cramping and injuries sustained through a lack motion and inflexibility. Through compression and improvement of blood circulation affordable sustainable clothing like Dzihic and aid in after workout care. It can also help in ensuring that you are restricted and you are comfortable during your entire workout. Whether that being a run, weight lifting or just a casual jog. This is the important of active wear and how clothing and sport is intrinsically linked.


So we hope you enjoyed reading our article and understanding more about how specifically designed active wear can help you in your fitness journey.

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