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Seven Months In - Our Sustainable Clothing Journey

Posted by DML Development Collaborator on
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So when I started this series of “X amount of time in sustainable clothing” type blogs. I genuinely had every intention of doing them monthly. But evidently that didn’t pan out since my last blog was title “three months in…”. Nevertheless, it has been some time since I personally (Mev dzihic, founder) have personally updated all our lovely readers on our journey as a sustainable clothing brand. So where do we begin?


Well, let’s start with the sustainable clothes themselves. When we first launched Dzihic, we started with our sustainable t-shirts for women both and men. As you can imagine our range was very limited. But through hard work and the help of some very loyal customers, we were able to slowly expand our range. This time incorporating a sustainable hoodie and a sustainable pair of joggers. This was a sign we were on the right track and our effort was paying off. Once we incorporated these extra garments into our range. We could finally say Dzihic had two distinct ranges, rather than just two miscellaneous t-shirts. This was the birth of our organic mens clothing UK range and our affordable organic clothing range. 


This was our first expansion in our clothing range and it was a big step for us as a start-up. Keep in mind at this point, everyone who works at Dzihic have day jobs, so the fact we were able to expand our sustainable clothing ranges was a big thing for us. But once we expanded, we realised we needed to continue. It was great we had more sustainable clothes to offer. But a hoodie, t-shirt and joggers was still limiting. We needed to go further and fortunately we were able to. Again through growth we were able to continue our growth and over April and May 2021 we are again looking to expand our organic mens clothing uk range and affordable organic clothing ranges. This time with new designs and socks! It has been a difficult choice on what to expand on, we aren’t flushed with cash but we also don’t want to offer something we aren’t passionate about, so strangely the choice of clothing expansion came a lot more difficult for us here at Dzihic than we thought.


Along with growth in our clothing ranges. We were able to see an uptake in our social media as well and noticed more and more people engaging with us. Now unfortunately social media doesn’t come naturally to many of us here at Dzihic for no other reason than we try to be quite private people. But in this day and age, social has to be an integral part of any business for a number of reasons. The first being able to create a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion and vision. The second being that you give a sense of “realness” to the brand. I.E we aren’t a fake company but there are real people behind the brand doing their best to make it work. Unfortunately for us we have just been bad at social because although sustainable clothing is something we feel passionately about trying to make social both educational and interesting wasn’t easy.


But truth be told, just like most things in life. Through consistent posting and just sheer willpower. We have grown a small following of loyal people. Not all are customers and that is fine. The fact that people support and cheer us on is fantastic. Truth be told, when you’re seven months into a business you do start to think if you’ve made the right choice. One thing I never truly thought I would think as a business owner was if I made the right choice and if I’ve just wasted thousands of pounds on stock i’ll never sell. I assumed going into this that I knew I was right and that sustainable clothes and sustainable clothing was the next big thing as people become more environmentally aware. But I’m not and that is why having people you don’t know cheer you on is one of those little wins you have to hold onto dearly.


Over the past seven months we have also realised that as a business we have had to pivot. We started Dzihic knowing full well we would focus on the sustainability of clothes. However what we have found is that over our business life, those that have been buying our clothes have been doing so for fitness reasons. Although we don’t want to be like Gym Shark and other gym related clothing brands. We did think it would be good to pivot and focus more on the active wear side of things. Now don’t get us wrong, our organic mens clothing uk range and our general affordable organic clothing ranges will not exclusively cater to just “gym rats”. Any is welcome to wear Dzihic regardless of the occasion or activity. But activewear is notoriously unsustainable so we thought if we could do anything to support making it more sustainable than we should take the chance, Hence our pivot.


The final thing of note of the last seven months has been that we have gone international! Shipping wise that is. Recently we have seen more and more people from the US and Australia visit our site and a few have made a purchase. And although we never actually believed we would have visitors from places so far anywhere near seven months in. We are very humbled and grateful. So much so, we have expanded our free shipping to all international destinations. This has been a realisation that we truly might be onto something here with Dzihic and we are really, truly, grateful to all those that have purchased from us, supported us and just helped in anyway possible. Even liking our bland social posts.


So, to wrap up this post. The seven past months have been hard. Real hard. But we’re seeing signs of forward movement and we love that and that’s all we can hope for in any circumstance.

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