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Organic Clothing, The Future of Fashion

Posted by Mevludin Dzihic on
Organic Clothing, The Future of Fashion



We’ve been pretty laxed with our writing this past month, but not due to lack of want but lack of time unfortunately. But nevertheless we’re back today with a fantastic new article focusing on, you guessed it, sustainable clothing! Specifically however, focusing on how organic clothing and its variants I.E organic women’s clothing and organic men’s clothing is the future. Whether we like it or not, accept it or not or even realise. Why? Well if I told you now, that would ruin the article. Hint though, like any good article about sustainable women’s clothes and sustainable men’s clothes, you can get the just just by reading the headings. With that, let’s go straight into the first point.


Plastic Decomposition


The first reason why clothing like sustainable t-shirts, joggers, hoodies, jeans, jackets, dresses etc, are the future of fashion is due to us as a group of people becoming more aware of the affect plastic has on our planet.


One use plastics, micro-plastics, plastic wrapping, all things we are becoming aware of that will last long on this planet than use. There was a recent article on the BBC that showed that 20 companies in the world produced over 50% ( of the worlds plastic. Keep in mind that there are literally millions of companies in the world and 20 produce over half. This then goes to be used for various products. Not least in clothing. One of the big plastic based fibres in the world in polyester and it is this fibre that makes fashion rather unsustainable.


We have constantly pointed out the fact that sustainable t-shirts and sustainable clothes in general made from materials like cotton or hemp or bamboo can decompose within a few months of being thrown away. Whereas a t-shirt made from polyester can take 200 years. That’s 2.5 longer than the average lifespan of most people.


People are wising up the effects plastic is having on the world and we can already see people taking a stand against single use plastics. It isn’t a far jump to buying organic women’s clothing or organic men’s clothing because it’s good for the planet. That’s why we here at Dzihic focus solely on sustainable clothing. Because we know it’s the future and good for the planet.


Lack of Resources

The second reason why organic and sustainable clothes are the future is because, simply put we’re running out of resources. Now this isn’t a doomsday type scenario where we run our everything, the oceans dry up and we find ourselves with no clothes to wear. No, we just mean generally speaking, we are using up more resources per year than our planet actually creates. So at some point in the future, yes we will either run out. Or we’ll make the switch over to renewables and become more self-sustaining.


This isn’t any different to the fashion industry. Our sustainable women’s clothes and sustainable men’s clothes are made from materials we can naturally and organic grow in a sustainable way. Whether than be cotton, bamboo, hemp or some other naturally occurring material. So long as it can be grow in a sustainable way, we’ll make it into sustainable clothes.


It’s at this point we will point out that throughout this article, we will refer to organic and sustainable clothes interchangeable. So our sustainable women’s clothes is also our organic women’s clothing range.


Environmentally Conscious

This next point has already been touched on in our plastic point. But it is worth noting separately since it refers to a collective mindset. That mindset being more environmentally conscious.


Sustainable t-shirts, sustainable joggers, sustainable clothes and clothing are the result of people becoming more aware that we cannot continue to keep going the way we are. The fact is global warming is causing devastating impacts around the world and now it is affecting everyone regardless of where you are in the world. People are waking up ti it’s affects and now realise sustainability is the way forward. This environment first approach will feed into the fashion industry just as it has in automotive, oil & gas and even the humble coffee shop.

Waste Build-Up

The final point we’re going to touch on as to why organic clothing is the future of fashion is a combination of the above points, but slightly more specific. And that being the build up of waste.


In the Atlantic ocean, there is a file of floating waste that stretches for miles and there is no way to get rid of it. Yes there have been attempts to and there are ongoing projects attempting to get rid of this floating pile of rubbish. But up to this date, it is starting ill there. Floating.


Why is this important?

Because we are running out of space. Sustainable clothes, whether that be sustainable women’s clothes or men’s have to be built and designed in a way so that once thrown away. They don’t linger. The sad truth is they have to be built this way so that land fills don’t become full, so that we don’t have to burn our waste or worse throw it into the ocean to just float there and become micro-plastics of ocean life eats.


As educated people we are becoming aware of where our waste goes and this is evident by the recycling rate having increased year on year. But the fashion industry still isn’t doing enough. But by offering sustainable t-shirts instead of regular or offering organic women’s clothing, and men’s, the fashion industry can do their bit.


So, with this final point we will close this article off. These points certainly aren’t extensive as to why organic clothing is the future of fashion but they certainly are key points.

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