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"I like buying clothes, so why should I buy less?" - Organic Clothing UK

Posted by DML Development Collaborator on
Organic Clothing UK


So I get asked this question a lot when I’m speaking about sustainable clothing and slow fashion, "I like buying clothes, so why should I buy less?". And this question is usually born out of a misunderstanding of what I say in my other blogs and generally about fashion. Dzihic is all about organic, ethical and sustainable clothing. We promote men’s organic clothing and women’s organic clothing. As a primarily UK based company we do this primarily, you guessed it, in the UK.

So, why then are we faced with the question of it's  either “sustainable clothing or fast fashion”. I guess ultimately it’s down to our poor explanation. Let’s stick with men’s organic clothing UK, this will help us contextualise and is also one of our keywords so helps our SEO. So win-win right?

If we think about a male gentlemen, the type that goes to the gym 7 times a week, likes to wear clothes that highlight his rippling muscles and enjoys partaking in chats with the opposite sex. We all know someone like this. Now let’s assume that gentleman likes to partake in a little bit of living room online clothes shopping. He might be sitting on the couch, watching TV and then all of a sudden an urge to buy jeans that stop at his ankles and accentuate with legs by being 2 sizes to small takes hold of him. He picks up his phone types in men’s organic clothing UK, because he is based in the UK of course, and finds a site. He purchases his jeans, loves them, and wears them everyone and the ladies can’t get enough.

Sounds like a perfect story and absolutely nothing wrong with that, right? Well you’re wrong, think about the planet!! No only joking, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Going back to the original question of "I like buying clothes, so why should I buy less?", we’re asked this because in situations described above. About our hypothetical man searching, you guessed it, men’s organic clothing UK. We here at Dzihic actually promote buying sustainably. Now what does this mean? In most cases where people buy lots of clothes, they will buy clothes which are ‘affordable’ or a named brand which they themselves like. In both cases the clothes themselves are probably plastic based clothes with use materials like polyester. For those that aren’t aware, polyester can take up to 200 years to biodegrade and we are all about sustainability and the environment. And polyester, along with other plastic based fibers, just doesn’t fit that ethos.

So in case like this we do suggest maybe buying less or buying higher quality clothes that will last you longer. However, if you’re addicted to shopping we don’t suggest this. We suggest a couple of things: 1) therapy, seek help, addiction is a terrible thing. 2) buy sustainable clothing. We all love a new jumper or pair of jeans, so buy as many as you want. Just buy them from brands which want to make a difference and make sustainable clothes. There are plenty out there and you’re on one right now. But if we don’t take your fancy I’m sure one will.

So to answer the questions of "I like buying clothes, so why should I buy less?". The answer is you shouldn’t. Buy as much as you like and when you like. We just advocate buying sustainable clothes is all. Or at a minimum, buying sustainably. But it’s your money, so do what you want mr men’s organic clothing UK…

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