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How are sustainable clothes made and what is the whole manufacturing process?

Posted by DML Development Collaborator on
sustainable clothing



So recently we wrote a blog about an introduction to sustainable clothing fashion and what actually makes a clothing company a sustainable clothing company. Now we go one step further and explain how sustainable clothing is made. For this, we will use our very own men’s organic clothing UK range as the example. In this post we will look at how clothes are made from the field where the organic material (cotton) is picked, all the to delivery.


So, let’s start at the beginning of sustainably made clothing. Sustainable brands, like Dzihic, are able to call ourselves are “sustainable” because our materials are organic and can be made/grown organically. I.E cotton, bamboo, hemp, etc. This is why we call our men’s clothing range a “men’s organic clothing UK range”. Because no plastic-based materials are used. It’s all organic and natural. So this is where the journey begins, these materials are sourced first countries which are able to grow them, usually China, India or Thailand.


Once picked, they go through a “wash” as it were. Naturally, the raw materials are dirty and full of bugs. So to ensure that the material is ready for the manufacturing process. It goes through a chemical wash. Unfortunately, in some instances, and it depends on the manufacturing plant, these washes do use harmful chemicals. But more and more are turning to none-harmful chemicals for the washing process.

Once washed the material can not be used to make the garment. This is where usually the material is shipped to another factory which produced the garments. It is in these factories you can hear horror stories of people working 18 hours. Fortunately for Dzihic’ uses ethically manufactured clothing for our products and everything is responsibly made clothing. Why? Because for us sustainable clothes alone aren’t enough. Yes, we want to save the world one t-short at a time. But not at the expense of human life.


Once the washed, raw material is delivered to the manufacturing plant. They do through the “build” phase. I.E large machines process the raw material are create strands of fibre which can then be handled in such a way as to produce t-shirts, jumpers and more. As a side note, as Dzihic grows and develops. One of our goals is to expand our range. Currently we have what we have terms our “founding set” of a sustainable t-short, sustainable hoodie and a sustainable pair of joggers. But we want to go even further and develop sustainable and ethical clothing dresses and expand our ethical clothing UK men’s range.

Once the garment has been created, and make no mistake, we have shortened the process a lot. But once created, in the case of Dzihic, the garment is then embroidered, so for our men’s organic clothing UK range. They go to our sewer for then meticulously embryoids our logo. Not an easy task, especially when having to deal with our CEO and quality team.


Once embroidered our sustainably made clothing goes onto our photographer. Where possible we try to use models but unfortunately as a small company our responsibly made clothing have to go modeless and a mannequin is used. Nevertheless, they work just as well as it’s less about what the clothes are on and more about the clothing and how it’s all ethically manufactured clothing along with it being all sustainable.


Once the pictures are taken, they are added to our site where our amazing and loyal customers purchase them. Once purchased they are packaged. Here is something interesting, however. At Dzihic all of our clothes are ironed first and then packaged by hand. A note from our CEO is then inserted and then it is shipped to the given address. Our CEO insists on having a note directly from him into each package because he realises without our loyal customers, we would be nothing and he is so thankful for each and every one.


Once our ethical clothing UK men’s or women’s wear is packaged up it is shipped using Royal Mail and in 2-3 business days it is with a happy customer. And that dear reader is how sustainable clothes are made. Did we simplify the process? Yes. Why? Because this would have been a long post had we not. But we give you an overview of the whole process and if you want to learn more. You now have a foundation to build on!

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