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Home Workouts To Get You Sweating

Posted by DML Development Collaborator on
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Imagine this, you’re going about your life wearing your style, yet not bank breaking, cheap gym wear and then BAM! Lockdown, you’re forced to stay indoors, you’re limited to going out to one time a day and as you’re sitting in your living room watching store after store, gym after gym close. You hear your WhatsApp group message go off. It’s happened, your gym is closed.


Now almost two years later, the gyms begin to open. You start your new routine and begin feeling fresh again, you might have even got some new gym wear to mark the celebration , maybe a new gym hoodie. But as you work out you have a strange feeling inside you, an urge to go home before you’re finished and work out there.


Well, with the Covid-19 pandemic almost over. Many people are finding themselves in this situation and for us here in Dzihic. We think it’s great, whether here or at the gym, as long as you’re doing the best you can to be healthy then we ain’t got a problem. But with more people working out from home, we thought we’d do our part by giving you some awesome exercises to do at home. So sit back, put on that gym hoodie you bought in the above hypothetical story and start making notes on what to incorporate into your next home workout.


Kettlebell Swings


Let’s go in hard with a full body workout with kettlebell swings. Kettle bell swings work out the shoulders, legs and core all at the same time. The key to kettlebell swings however is mobility in the body. Ensure whatever gym wear you’ve got on allows for full flexibility. Do this for 10 sets of five and you’ll be sweating like you were wearing a full set of cheap gym wear in a sauna.


Bicycle Crunches


From full body to core work, jump to the floor and start doing some bicycle crunches. This gut busting exercise works both the upper abs and lower abs strengthening your core muscles. To get the most out of this exercise ensure you wear some clothing which has some padding. A thick gym hoodie might make you sweat more but due to the grinding motion when doing the bicycle crunches. It’s best to ensure something cushions the grinding because there isn’t any reps for this. You’re going to do five sets of however many reps you can do. Do go light, keep going until you just can’t anymore.


Jump Squats


Jump up from the ground and straight into a squat. But when you come back up, do a little jump. Now repeat this 10 times, take a rest and then it for four more sets. Jump squats are like regular squats but with the added benefit of adding some flare with some sweet gym wear like Dzihic’s gym hoodie! In all seriousness though jump squats and a burst of cardio and plyometrics in the usual squat.


Regular Push-ups & Diamond Push-Ups


We’ve worked on the legs so lets go straight into some push-ups. Wearing that sweet comfortable, luxurious and yet cheap gym wear you got from Dzihic. Get down on your hands and balls of your feet and do 5 sets of 10 regular push-ups.


But to mix this up, just like you’re mixing your range of gym wear up, intermittently throw in some diamond push-ups. Again, we’re aiming for 5 sets of 10. These push-ups are gonna burn your chest, bicep and tricep, but think of those gains.


Russian Twists


We’re onto the penultimate exercise with Russian twists. Throw on that comfy gym hoodie you used for the bicycles crunches and balancing yourself on your bottom while tensing your core twist side to side. Use a cushion to touch the floor as you twist to ensure you’re twisting far enough.


This is a killer workout for your abs and just like before we aren’t counting reps. We’re going full out for 5 sets. Want to get the most of out this, start counting those reps once your abs start hurting.


Add Some Cardio - High Knees!


We’ve finally come to the last exercise and we need to work in some cardio. I know, I know, no one wants to do cardio. But we want to finish strong, so jump up from those Russian twists, change that gym hoodie into something less sweaty, keeping in mind Dzihic has a great cheap gym wear range and go straight into the high knees.


Keep them knees high and don’t stop until you can’t go anymore, or hit 2 minutes. Whichever is sooner, we’re trying to get your heart pumping. Not explode.


Now that you're done, go shower off and then straight to McDonald's. You’ve done the healthy bit, so go ahead a treat yourself!

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