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Becoming a fashion brand : Dzihic's Mission

Posted by DML Development Collaborator on
sustainable clothing fashion brand

Sustainability in fashion...

Attention! What do you believe to be the top 5 most polluting industries? Oil? You got it. Agriculture? You know how cows like to poot. Automobile? WRONG! The third most polluting industry is fashion. That’s right, that Sustainable t-shirts, or jumper or crop-top you’re wearing has a carbon footprint that would put your car to shame. And this got me thinking, I want to help the world in some way and reduce the level of emissions permeating our environment. Unfortunately, I’m not a technical genius to be able to create some sort of clean energy converter. I’m too scared of heights to build a space rocket to launch us into another planet. So how could I help the world in my own way?

Building a sustainable fashion brand...

To me, the answer was something rather obvious, once I really thought about it. No one person can change the world for the better. So I wanted to play my part by changing the fashion industry. I wanted to focus on sustainability in fashion. But what does this mean though, and how would we know when we reached it? To me and, sustainability in fashion falls down primarily into the materials used. Instead of focusing on materials that are plastic based like polyester, sustainable fashion brands should instead focus on natural materials. You can learn more about what we mean by ‘natural materials’ here. But in a nutshell, for us, using natural material cuts the decomposing time of un-used thrown away clothes down from years to months. They also require fewer chemicals in the manufacturing process thus limiting the pollution of land and water with chemicals.

To us at, by changing people’s attitude to clothing and the fashion industry into one that focused on sustainability in fashion. That was our mission. We wanted to become not just the number one sustainable fashion brand. But we wanted to be the number one fashion brand and still focus on sustainability. This is our mission.

But how do we get there?

Time. Patience. And most importantly, YOU. As of writing this, we are a small sustainable fashion brand. But we will grow. It may take us years and even more years after that to start making a dent in the fashion industry and its attitude towards sustainability. But we’re willing to put in the time and effort. Not for us but for everyone. There is some fabulous technology out in the world that aims to tackle one aspects of global warming. Whether that is through clean energy, clean cars, etc.  But will be the turning point for the fashion industry. We will start by being the number one sustainable clothing fashion brand. But as we grow we aim to become just a ‘brand’. Why is this? Because we hope and aim to have the sustainability part of fashion become the norm. Everyone will treat sustainability in fashion as the new normal and strive to do better for our world.

So that ladies and gentlemen, although I know you didn’t ask, is what is all about.

Thank You!

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