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Dzihic Gym Wear - Only For The Gym?

Posted by Mevludin Dzihic on
Dzihic Gym Wear - Only For The Gym?
Here at Dzihic we like to get stuff done. We think most of the people who buy our sustainable clothing also like to get stuff done, you're all such driven people, that's why you're choosing our gym wear. There's more to life than constant productivity however, and it isn't always possible to be productive, especially when approaching winter time and after the last few years we've had we should all take a moment to relax.

Recently a customer wrote to us recently to tell us that our hoodies are the most comfortable they've ever worn, which got us thinking... What else is our sustainable gym wear good for?

Here are some things we love doing in our hoodies:

1) Watching a movie in the evening - Very traditional of us right, but it's such a versatile way of spending a few hours relaxing. You can snuggle up in a fortress of blankets by yourself to practice some self-care or share then with friends and family whilst you catch up. You can share your first festivities with a new partner or settle into the sofa with the love of your life. Don't even get us started on the snacks opportunities!

2) Going for a run - More of a horizontal jump away from the gym rather than a complete movement away. But our weight lifting clothes aren't just for weight lifting, they can also be perfect for cardio and a long jog in our ethical sportswear is perfect to ensure you get those miles in.

3) Going out with the friends - Now everyone who knows about Dzihic knows that we're all about health and fitness, but we all need a cheat day or a day we can go out and eat and drink what we want. Although designed for workouts and the gym, our clothing ranges are also perfect for casual wear. Their stylish and sleek look is perfect for going to the pub or down the local and showing off not just your guns, but also that you're doing your bit by buying sustainably.

As the days get colder, a Dzihic hoodie is perfect as an extra layer under your coat as you stroll through the park. Walking the dog or contemplating the nature of existence, Dzihic has you covered (literally) with our organic cotton recycled polyester blend to keep it cosy yet breathable. That way your mind can be occupied however you want and not by the cold.

A certain someone keeps stealing your hoodies? Why not plant a Dzihic hoodie in your wardrobe for them to steal, that way they can rep the best brand wherever they go.

Baggy clothing is massively popular these days, and it's easy to see why, it's so comfortable! If it's not for you though, our hoodies make great crop tops, or for any budding DIY'er, you can alter our garments into any number of new styles.

The main thing we all want is for our comfortable clothes to look good. We want to be able to wear this stuff out of the house to do groceries in, to go to the post office or hardware store. We want durable, long lasting comfort that we can rely on day in day out. Dzihic has your back so you can get on with your life whatever you use our clothes for.

As an end note, lots of places are available for you to buy second hand, and as a sustainable clothing brand we wholeheartedly believe these are a necessary addition to the life cycle of clothing, but if you fancy something new and want your conscience to be clear, Dzihic has an R&R program (Repurpose & Recycle) that will take back your garment at the end of its life cycle and recycle it for you. Here's the page on our site for more info -

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