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Building Your Natural Strength

Posted by DML Development Collaborator on
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Hello, welcome back to our blog. Recently the Dzihic team were in the gym repping out affordable gym wear when we noticed something. In the far corner of the gym we noticed two guys both doing squats. One of them was rather tall chap squatting 120KG while the other, a similar size but just an inch or so smaller but a lot more bulky was squatting 80KG. The weight difference and the body shape got us thinking that on the surface of it, the second chap with his more muscular physique would be able to squat more and generally be a lot stronger. But then we began to think about the different workout styles out there and how you can train to have big muscles. But those muscles do nothing more than to fill out the gym wear you’re wearing.


So we then began thinking amongst ourselves what would we prefer? The ability to know that whether we buy ethical sportswear or cheap gym wear that we would look. Good in both. Or that when our significant other turns to us, unable to open a jar, that we with our animal like strength will be able to rip that lid off without any issues at all.


For most of us the choice was quick and a given. Buy from an ethical sportswear brand which has cheap gym wear while also prioritising exercises which build natural strength. So that’s why we have listed below some of the key exercises you should be doing to build your natural strength. Let’s jump straight into it.




Let’s start with the king of exercises. The squat.


Working your entire glutes, quads and hips, the squat is perfect for building that natural leg strength that will power you through an inclined hill or when you need to give someone a push start for their car. Remember, to get the most out of your squats you need to bend and the hip first when going down. Push that ass back and then bend at the knees. When pushing up, push the weight through your heels and not the balls of your feet. When at the top, push your hips forward just as you would when deadlifting.


Squats will help give you amazing strength in your legs and fill out those ethical sportswear leggings.


Clean and Jerk


Want to know what looks good regardless of what gym wear you’ve got on? That’s a clean and jerk. Moving away from your legs straight to a full body workout. Clean and jerks work your glutes, hamstrings, quads, bicep, triceps and core.


This exercise builds your entire strength level across your whole body. Remember to build that strength you need proper technique. The pull-up motion of the bar from the legs to the shoulders comes from the hips and not from the shoulders. You lift with your legs, thrust with your hips and then should press with your arms. Keeping your core nice and tight, clean and jerks are an olympic lift committed by many in the gym to their detriment.


There are few things more impressive than someone in affordable gym wear, clean and jerking their own weight’s worth.


Shoulder Press


Building on from the clean and jerk and focusing more on the upper body, to ensure we’re filling our that gym wear with those arms, chest and shoulders. We move onto shoulder press, also known as military press.


Working out your chest, shoulders, triceps and upper back. There are few upper body workout that hit your upper body like shoulder press does. Imagine this, you there wearing your cheap gym wear which you brought from that ethical sportswear brand, Dzihic. With all your might pushing 60KGs worth of weight with just your arms up into the air, show casing your amazing strength.


Sled Push


All of the exercises we have mentioned so far have required the use of a barbell. But this one requires the use of a sled. The sled push, also known as the prowler push works out the entire body and helps build up that strength so that you look and feel your best in your affordable gym wear.


Working out your calves, glutes, quads, hips, hamstring, core, triceps, chest and shoulders. All suited and booted in your ethical sportswear and gym wear, pushing twice your body weight on the sled. This workout builds your bodies natural strength and helps your overall health.


Beware however, improper technique on this can seriously hurt you. So make sure you’re only pushing as much as you reasonable can. It’s pointless finding a great deal on cheap gym wear, if you injure yourself and cannot work out.


Dead Lift


If squats are the king of lifts. Then deadlifts are the queens… maybe the prince. Working the back, hips, glutes and core. The dead lift is one of the key lifts that no one, regardless of what your training regime is can commit from their routine.


Looking stylish in your affordable gym wear, as you line up the bar over your toes just touching your shin with arms shoulder length apart. Grip the bar and lift pushing all the weight though your ethical sportswear attire in your legs, straight thought the heels and not the balls of your feet. As you come to the top, pull your hips back and push your hips forward. Really go for it because this is how you stimulate your glutes, hips and back.


If you want to mix this up a little then do two things. 1) buy your gym wear from a reputable sustainable gym wear brand like Dzihic. 2) at the top of the deadlift, shrug your shoulders and engage your arms more.


The deadlift if not only going to build your strength but also increase your grip strength which so many forget about. But is integral to your overall body strength.


Stay Consistent and Lift Heavy


These five exercises are just some of the most important routines which will take you from chump to muscle man. Or woman. However if you want to build that strength then you have to ensure two things.


You have to lift consistently, at least three times a weeks. It only takes a week to start losing the progress you make in the gym. Secondly, lift heavy. We aren’t aiming for muscles that fill out your gym wear but ultimately mean nothing. Wearing aiming for usable strength that will make you look and feel good whatever cheap gym wear you’re wearing. To do this, you have to lift heavy with proper technique.

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