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Why is sustainable clothing important?

Posted by DML Development Collaborator on
sustainable clothing

Is Sustainable Clothing Important...?

Imagine this if you would. You're a scientist working on new materials, you're tasked with creating a synthetic material that can be created in bulk, circumventing the levels of volume that natural materials can produce. Where do you start? How about you focus on nylon, a well versed material. Through experimentation you are able to create the first strand of a new fiber called polyester. This new, polyester is going to revolutionise the world through it's many uses. 

Now imagine you buy a tshirt that is 20% cotton and 80% polyester. Once you have wore the tshirt for a while you might decide to bin it and buy a new one. Fairly standard and common practice. But what if I told you that the polyester in your tshirt will still be around on this earth for potentially another 20 years. Or a maximum of 200 years depending on the polyester? What if I tend proceeded to tell you that the cotton in your tshirt had biodegraded after 5 months of being in the landfill. You might say "so" or your might say "what do I care". But you should care. 

Building a Sustainable Clothing Brand...

People are waking up to the idea of 'Slow Fashion', this concept of buying clothes and keeping them for a while before throwing them away. And this is great and power to you. But the problem for me is what happens when that garment is thrown away. It is this concept of sustainability that has lead me to building Dzihic.

Sustainable clothing brands are becoming hip, you only need to search the the term "sustainable clothing brands" and you will find a heap of different products. But to me they all had the same problem. They were a little to 'hippy' or 'hipster. Now this isn't to say there is anything wrong with that, it's just that isn't my style. My style is unique to me, but at the same time it could be consider "generic". But this is fine because a lot of people have this type of style. And it is these people I want to introduce to Dzihic. To me a sustainable clothing brand like Dzihic needs to be like Nike, or Vans or Addidas. It has that amazing vibe to it with the added benefit of being a brand that uses sustainable materials. 

So why is sustainable clothing important, returning back to the theme of this blog. That's simple. It's important for the same reason we recycle, use plastic straws and re-usable shopping bags. Because we live on a world that is fast being maxed out of resources. There is hope that interstellar space travel will save us in the future, but in the meantime. We need to look after our home now. 

So check out what sustainable clothing brands there are, and also remember to check out what we have to offer to. Because our journey is about changing the world for the better through sustainable fashion. 

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