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Buddy-Up at the Gym

Posted by Mevludin Dzihic on
Buddy-Up at the Gym
Hello! Going to the gym as a beginner is daunting, there's no getting around that fact. Muscles at every turn glimmering with sweat in the harsh overhead lighting, air-conditioners struggling to quell the hot air, loud music and clanking of unseen contraptions. It all adds up. For the first few months you might stick to the cardio machines (treadmills, rowing machine, elliptic, and so on). Through observing your fellow gym users you might gradually begin using the machines, but you have to watch out for proper form, which not everyone has despite how big they are. 
Lots of time spent, lots of research and lots planning and lots of failed attempts.
The best thing we at Dzihic have found to help, and this may seem obvious, is to find a gym buddy. If you're blessed with amazing confidence you could try striking up a conversation with someone who looks like they know their stuff, just make sure you don't interrupt them mid-set. Compare schedules, see if you can align then get to it.
For the rest of us, find someone you already know who goes to the gym and ask if you can tag along. If all else fails, grab your bestie and force them to go to the gym with you. Even if both of you don't know what you're doing, two heads and two bodies are safer than one.
Here are some of the benefits of buddying up:
Feeling confident in yourself can be helped along by what you're wearing. You and your buddy can coordinate your Dzihic outfits to rock that aerobics room as you learn about supersets, or rep your sustainable hoodies as you crush free weights. As well as these benefits, our previous blog on Functional Training Vs. Traditional Training outlines the practical benefits of wearing Dzihic sustainable sportswear. That feeling of looking good is important for boosting your confidence.
Buddying up will make you grow as a person and in your fitness journey much faster than learning by yourself. As you grow, Dzihic will be there to grow with you. Having to move to the next size up (or down) will be an empowering representation of your progress, with the bonus of knowing your choice to stay with Dzihic is helping the environment.
Now we have that preamble out of the way, we can get into some really useful information. Below are some full body exercises which involve little or no equipment that you can sprinkle through your workouts to try something new. You and your buddy can do these to build strength and your trust in each other when getting started...
Disclaimer: make sure you research and practice proper form when working out, we don't want you lot getting injured now!
Squat with rotational pass:
Grab a weighted ball that you can both manage. Get you and your buddy into a squat position with your backs facing each other, but not touching. Whoever has the ball, hold it out in front of you with arms out straight. Keeping your legs planted and arms straight, rotate your body to pass the ball to your buddy behind you. The ball should travel round you both in a circle as you pass it from one side of yourself to the other.  
Squat with throw: 
Grab a weighted ball you and your buddy are both comfortable throwing and catching. Stand facing each other with your arms straight out so that your fingertips are just touching. You're the perfect distance now! Spread your feet shoulder width apart and make sure you can comfortably squat. Whoever has the ball, hold it at your chest and squat, as you come up, throw the ball to your buddy. Buddy, it's your turn to catch, lowering into a squat as you do so and using the momentum of the ball to rebound up and throw the ball back.
Sit-up Pass:
High Five In-And-Outs
Both get into a pushup position opposite each other with your heads close together. Jump your feet forward to get into a pike position so that your booty is up in the air like a tent, then jump back into a pushup position. Practice this a few times before incorporating a high five when you're on your way back down to the starting position.
Bonus exercise:
If it's someone special that you're working out with, why not try the Mountain Climber Crunch Kiss
As one person is doing mountain climbers in a push up position, they will hold down the feet of the buddy. Try to squeeze in a few mountain climbers for each crunch that the buddy does. As the cruncher reaches the top of their crunch, meet in the middle for a romantic sweaty kiss you filthy love birds. Then, of course, switch roles and repeat until you're ready to hit the shower.
Working out with someone can make the experience much more fun. It gives you someone to try out new stuff with knowing they'll have your back. At the end of the day, even if you have a serious goal or reason for getting fitter, you should enjoy the journey. Dzihic out!

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