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Being Active In The Gym While Also Being Sustainable

Posted by DML Development Collaborator on
Sustainable Gym Clothes

With everything slowly opening up across the UK and the world as a whole. We here at Dzihic are ecstatic for gyms to be open again. Because like many, our side have began doing the unthinkable and “muffin topping” over our jeans. Our guts hang out further than before and when we look down, we can barely see our… feet. But with gyms now opens again, we can begin the long hard process of retracting our gut and fitting back into our pre-lockdown jeans. But this got us thinking. When you go to the gym what do you see? Skin tight compress gear made out of polyester or in some cases lycra. Both wonderful materials and the gear itself helps support your muscles circulation, therefore allowing you to work hard and faster. All great things but there must be a sustainable alternative right? Out there must be some sort of sustainable clothing that will allow you to preform optimally while also not creating more plastic in the world.

Well the truth is, no.

OK, so the truth isn’t as black as white as that. But few materials in the world can replicate the stretchiness and tightness of polyester or lycra. They are materials designed like that. Yes you can find materials that are similar and will offer some form of compression. Take for example our sustainable women’s clothes and men’s sustainable clothing. Within both ranges our eco-friendly t-shirts is perfect for any workout because it breathable and loose. But that’s the key, it is loose. It isn’t a tight fitting garment which will act as a compression top. Although it has its own benefits, i.e it is cotton therefore sustainable and also because of its light fit, it won’t weigh you down while working out.

But if there isn’t a direct replacement for polyester and lycra in the gym at least. How would someone stay sustainable? You can’t out right stop going to the sustainable gym. Where would you get that “pump”? Well, fortunately there is a way to stay sustainable while going to the gym and it is indeed include sustainable clothes and sustainable clothing as a whole.

So first we have to look at polyester and lycra, but not as we know it. Plastic based materials can be sustainable if, and only if, it is recycled. If the plastic in the compression gear is recycled, I.E not new. Then arguably you’re not adding any “new” plastic. In this sense we could consider such garments as sustainable clothes and generally sustainable clothing. We here at Dzihic are in fact working on compression gear which fits into our wider sustainable women’s clothing range and our men’s sustainable clothing range. And to achieve this, we are looking at recycled polyester and recycled lycra which will allow us to circumvent any none-sustainable issues.

So this is the first way to ensure you stay sustainable while still grinding out that iron in the gym.

But let’s assume you cannot find the right type of compression gear. What else can you do to ensure you’re sustainable? Well some might argue that avoiding any compression gear at all is a good thing because for most it really isn’t useful. Unless you’re a professional or doing long distance running. Compression gear for bicep curls really isn’t going to help you. So instead focus on sustainable clothes which are light weight, breathable and maneuverable. Find something which you’re comfortable in while also being sustainable. For example, our sustainable clothing ranges, including both our men’s sustainable clothing and sustainable women’s clothing, are an ideal garment for working out. Why? Because cotton is a breathable material which helps keeps you cool while working out. It is also light weight so whether wet from sweat or not, it won’t add any unduly weight to you and because the clothes are’t skin tight. It gives you a little more flexibility which compression gear wouldn’t.
This is the second way to make sure you’re sustainable while working out. Now is there a third? Yes, though we wouldn’t suggest this. Some might argue that that the most sustainable clothing is no clothes. Your birthday suit is the most sustainable clothes out there. But unless you’re looking to get kick out before you even walk through the doors. This is one option we really wouldn’t suggest.

So that’s really all we have on how to stay sustainable while still repping the hell out of those 25s at the gym. Let’s hope you stay as sustainable as possible, we’re routing for you.

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