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Are we "sustainable" or are we "organic"?

Posted by Mevludin Dzihic on
Are we "sustainable" or are we "organic"?


Before we get into this blog about whether we, as a business, should identify our clothing ranges as “men’s sustainable clothing” and “sustainable women’s clothes” or “men’s organic clothing” and “organic women’s clothing”. First I wanted to highlight some exciting news. As anyone who follows Dzihic will know, we are a small company. In fact as of the writing of this blog, Dzihic is a one man band, I.E me – Mev Dzihic. Although I consider this business my baby and believe it will take time and effort to build it into something. I’m willing to put in the effort and every penny I have. So to this end, our range is expanding once again! Our specialism is “sustainable clothing” and to that end we will work to ensure that our clothes are made of organic materials or as a minimum, recycled materials. And although we might have to comprise now so that we can build a better long term goal, these are decisions that have to be made. I say this because there are some items we have introduced that just don’t have a sustainable alternative just yet, such as our female leggings. But through our growth and investment, we are able to build prototypes of new materials. However, let’s not allow this to take away the good news that we are expanding our sustainable clothing range!

Now then, on with the post.

Recently I was on one of my early evening walks trying to get a little exercise in when I started thinking about Dzihic and my business. I started thinking how I keep referring to it as a “sustainable clothing brand” or a “sustainable clothing business” to everyone. Which it is, but they I start to think. Do people actually know what that means? I do because it’s my business. I couldn’t tell you how many times I have explained what sustainable clothing to us me. I.E the use of natural materials that can be grown sustainable in the world and that biodegrade within a reason timeframe.

But if I have to keep explaining it. Then how obvious is it? So that is why we broke down our terminology. First we started referring to it as affordable ethical clothing UK because it is all those things. It is affordable by other sustainable brand standards. It is ethical and it is clothing made and sold in the UK. But then we broke this down further into our ranges. Specifically our “men’s sustainable clothing” range and our “sustainable women’s clothes” range. How more obvious can you get than this. But here still lies the problem. It is the word “sustainable”. You use words like “sustainable” when referring to energy, crops or even lifestyle. But rarely if ever for clothes.

So that’s when we thought maybe we should refer to our ranges in another way which imply sustainability but highlighting what really makes us unique. I.E our use of organic, natural, materials. So we then started using terms like “men’s organic clothing” and “organic women’s clothing”. Because that is what we are. Organic. But then I got to wondering. Are we just “organic”? The point of our clothes is yes, they are made from organic materials but they are sustainable. You can make eco-friendly t-shirts in a factory spewing out chemicals with employees working 18 hours a day. That doesn’t make it sustainable but it would make the garment itself organic and eco-friendly.

So that then brings us back to the question. Are we “sustainable” or are we “organic”. And the truth is. We’re both. We incorporate organic clothing into our sustainable model because really they go hand in hand. So whether we call our ranges “men’s sustainable clothing” and “sustainable women’s clothes” or “men’s organic clothing” and “organic women’s clothing”. It doesn’t really matter because one goes hand in hand with the other. One is how we build our clothes. The other is the vision we work towards as a company.

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