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Alternative To Go To The Gym

Posted by DML Development Collaborator on
Alternative to Gym

Hello! Welcome back to our blog. As is always the case this article is based on an experience some of the team here at Dzihic have experienced. In this case some of the team were talking about Dzihic and how we’re working on becoming the number 1 sustainable gym brand. As they were talking other team members mentioned that in actual fact we weren’t a gym brand despite having gym wear available to buy. Instead we were an ethical sportswear brand because we focus on healthy living and getting up and moving regardless of what form that takes.


The conversation then naturally moved onto, well if our gym hoodie isn’t a gym hoodie and is in fact a sportswear hoodie. Then what are the alternatives to the gym? This got us here thinking about what a great question that is. So many around the world assume that the only way to get healthy is through the gym. When in fact there are many ways to get healthy and in all honesty. Some of them are way more fun than the gym. So we have made a list of some of the alternatives to the gym and wear you can wear that gym wear to, other than the gym.




Let’s start with something that is thousands of years old and low stress on the body. Yoga. Yoga is fantastic for flexibility and core strength, through the use of your own bodies natural weight you are able to improve your bodies natural core strength while also increasing your overall flexibility.


Now some of you might be thinking, what’s the point of being flexible if I don’t look ripped in whatever gym wear you’re wearing. Well think of it like this, when you drop something or get out of bed and your back hurts or regardless of what you’re doing you get cramps. All of this is due to inflexibility. Also whether deadlifting 200KG or doing a downward facing dog, you’re gonna look amazing in whatever gym hoodie you’re wearing because it the person that matters, not the muscle…right?




Just like yoga, but with less bendiness. Walking is a low impact exercise which is great for the heart and your cardio vascular system. You won’t build muscle walking, but you will increase your stamina and decrease your likelihood of heart diseases.

One of the great things about walking is that you don’t need to do it for long. Five minutes here and five minutes there. You’ll soon realise you’ve walked two or three miles a day. Unlike jogging walking is easier on the knees and your joints generally so it is perfect as a starter exercise for many.


Home Exercise


If you have already, check out our blog on some killer home workout exercises you can do. But if you don’t have time for the gym or you’re just a little self-conscious then home exercises are ideal.


Gym wear is both good at home and at the gym, and regardless whether you’re at the gym or at home. You can still hit every muscle group and get very healthy. So whether you’re wearing your gym hoodie or gym joggers, walking out at home is a great alternative to the gym.




Finally something where wearing ethical sportswear is optional because you’re gonna be the in water. A great, medium intensity exercise which is great for your stamina and muscle growth.


Regardless of what technique or intensity you can do. Swimming is a great alternative for the gym and the sense of relaxation you feel afterwards is fantastic.

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