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The Sustainable Brand

Ethical Clothing

Who We Are

Dzihic is a sustainable clothing brand based in the UK. Our focus is to develop a brand that our customers love, that resonates with our sense of looking after the world and look and feel comfortable doing it. Our clothes are made from sustainable sourced materials, consisting of cotton,bamboo, vinyl and hemp. We use plastic based materials, like polyester, minimally.

Dzihic was created because there is a distinct lack of brands that focus on sustainable clothes. Everywhere you look you will find a new clothing brand with no real story or mission. And for those that do focus on sustainable clothing, their range isn’t quite what people would wear day today. Limiting what is on offer. This is where Dzihic comes in. We wanted to focus on building a brand, like Nike, Adidas or Next, that people could feel a connection with while also offering a great range of clothes that would appeal to everyone.

Focusing first on eco-friendly clothing in the UK and then looking to expand. We here at Dzihic have a big dream and a long road. But our environmentally friendly clothes speak for themselves. We priorities quality and comfort of clothes over anything else because we know this is what people want and love.

As a start-up, we are still expanding our offering of sustainable clothes. But we are growing, slowly but surely. As our range expands so too will our ability to incorporate new materials, which support our world. Our growth is thanks to everybody who has supported us up to this point and our future growth will be thanks to them and everyone else who joins their ranks. So we here at Dzihic wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for being supportive and joining us on this journey to become the number one sustainable and organic clothing brand.

We’re a company that likes feedback, so feel free to get in touch with us on our Instagram (@dzihic_clothing) or Facebook (Dzihic Clothing)and leave a question, comment or suggestion. We support communication with our customers and actively encourage it.

We look forward to the coming years to see where Dzihic will move to. Join us on our journey, even if it’s to like a few of our pictures, it would mean the world to us!